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A revamp for the great Pixel Dungeon


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Yet Another Pixel Dungeon is a revised version of the popular open-source roguelike that goes by the name of Pixel Dungeon. But, this time around genre-fans will quickly notice that there are more than a few changes to the originally released title. The game's narrative is still quite similar notwithstanding, and in essence it is as it always was a matter of surviving as long as you can in a wicked dungeon full of traps and mortal enemies just around the next dark corner.

Towards the beginning of each game players get to choose one of four main social classes, although for starters you'll only be able to begin with the 'warrior' character. Each class received a total make-over provided by major improvements to their strengths and weakness along with completely new skills that are only now available to you in Yet Another Pixel Dungeon.

Gameplay is strikingly similar to other traditional roguelikes. Crawl your way through each level of a dark dungeon, face off in hand-to-hand combat against enemies, and find the best equipment to arm and shield your character to fight tooth and nail for more experience points in order to level up. The name of the game is survival, plain and simple. But no harm done in decking out your hero in the meantime, right?

Yet Another Pixel Dungeon truly is as it's title states: yet another outstanding 'roguelike' that is likely to go down in history in terms of fan boards modification lists for the already legendary roguelike that is Pixel Dungeon.
By Erika Okumura
Pixel Dungeon, the most played roguelike on Android

If you're looking for a textbook example of the roguelike genre, look no further than Pixel Dungeon. You could pretty much consider it one of the heavyweights of the new silver age, way above and beyond the rough ASCII environments used in Rogue, Hack or Moria. Although it was initially released for Android in 2012, the fact that it was distributed under a GNU license and shared its source code publicly, has led to countless clones and remakes. These new versions have continued to add endless content to the already enormous number of possibilities of the original game.
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Android 2.3 or higher required

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